2017 Winners of Best.Cover.Ever. with Jason Derulo“Orange County’s Up-and-Coming Band to Watch” reported by CBSLA

UNDECIDED FUTURE (band) was born in Southern California near all the great LA/OC beaches! They have been influenced by many genres growing up in the musically rich Los Angeles area. The guys write current Pop lyrics and sounds influenced by iconic Funk, smooth R&B and a little help from Hip Hop, and they make it into their own groove of Pop Funk that many people connect with. With Matt, Cole, Nick, Matisse and Hayden strong and diverse in their own styles, combined they are dynamic, unique and have a fresh sound.

“The name Undecided Future is our connection to to the billions of people like us whose futures are undecided. We want to deliver to our fans an exciting Pop Funk style of music that makes you want to forget your worries and get up and dance. Our concerts are high-energy with funky drums, hard hitting Bass, bangin’ rhythm guitar licks, new age synth chords and dope piano lines. Our combined vocal harmonies create the Undecided Future sound. Matt (Lead Vocals), Cole (Guitar), Nick (Keys), Matisse (Drums) and Hayden (Bass) make up our band.”

Having shared the stage with Jason Derulo and having taken notes from superstars such as Justin Timberlake, Jason Derulo, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Michael Jackson, James, Brown and 98 Degrees, Undecided Future has been impacting audiences with their unique vocals, dance moves and upbeat vibe.

“The five of us met in high school and we started out in Cole’s garage writing music and having band practices in order to play local charity events and small local venues. We’re now a recurring band at Downtown Disney, Disneyland and CA Adventure, in Anaheim. We’ve been together for about 6 years, since 8th/9th grade, and have songs on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, and now are currently writing, performing and producing our own songs in our studio. Along our journey, we won the People’s Choice Award from the OC Music Awards, we won Best.Cover.Ever with Jason Derulo and performed with him to create a YouTube exclusive video which has over 7 million views today, and we’ve won Battles of the Bands, for Vans Warped Tour and the Honda Center/Ducks Hockey League. It’s been a positive and great ride so far.”

“We thank all of our fans who stick by us, who buy our music, come to our shows, sing the words to all of our songs, burn up the dance floor, vote for us, and keep doing it over and over again. We do this all for you, and there’s a lot more to come!”

– Matt Isaac, Cole Fredrick, Nick Stone, Matisse Pasillas and Hayden Lyskoski

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