Matisse started playing Latin and African drums/percussion as a toddler. He was surrounded by a diverse world of music growing up and was raised listening to a variety of black artists such as Tower of Power, The Brothers Johnson, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Parliament, Funkadelic, Bob Marley, James Brown, and the list goes on. At the age of 6 he started to watch films beyond his age limit behind his parents back such as the Saw Trilogy, Pulp Fiction, and many classic monster movies and animations.

In middle school he played drums and percussion in the Long Beach Honor band, which featured a full symphony and orchestra. Matisse was influenced by his father Ricardo “Tiki” Pasillas. Matisse has watched his dad play drums for Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Arturo Sandoval, Air Supply and many more artists.

In 2011 Matisse got accepted into the Orange County School of the Arts in the Film and TV department. He met fellow film student Matt Isaac with similar musical and film influences.

Matisse’s personal interests include monster-making, special effects and make up, gore and horror movies, Halloween, drawing and painting unique and quirky characters. Also he enjoys acting, singing, dancing and fashion design.

Matisse is the head of video making for the band. He now interns at Complex Media, a Hip-Hop online magazine in Hollywood.

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