Nick and his old toy keyboard were inseparable from the moment they met. By age 4, after nonstop begging, his parents enrolled him in classical piano lessons. He quickly proved himself more skilled than the other kids in the class, most of whom were years older than him. He continued to study classical piano at the Orchepia School of Music for 9 years.

Nick eventually shifted his interest to popular music. During this gradual shift, he started writing music, singing, and teaching himself guitar. He became deeply interested in The Beatles who heavily influence his songs to this day.

He auditioned and was accepted into the Commercial Music program at the Orange County School of the Arts as a freshman. His musical horizons broadened as he was exposed to many different kinds of music.

Today, Nick is attending USC as a Popular Music Performance major, in the Thornton School of Music. He has a mature passion for writing, producing and performing music, whether it be playing keyboard, guitar or singing. He is excited to have become so close with his Undecided Future band mates over the last few years and is psyched to continue developing as a band.

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