About The Band

Our new music coming out each month in 2020 is special to us because we feel all the songs and lyrics will stand the test of time, much like all of our favorite jams.”

The world of music is wide open and Undecided Future is ready to redefine the boy band genre with their unique style and instrumental sounds. Made up of four childhood friends – Matt Isaac, Cole Fredrick, Matisse Pasillas and Nick Stone. They became a group while in high school and have never looked back.

A quick glance at them might cause some to expect a typical cookie-cutter boy band, but Undecided Future is far from the norm. Each member has a longstanding love for music and the brotherhood and chemistry they’ve cultivated creates an unheard Pop fusion of Funk, Hip Hop and R&B/Soul.

The secret to their magic is the musical bonds they’ve created together. Their sound is an eclectic and exciting merging of four unique perspectives, molded by the modern mix of today’s musical landscape. Their work with Grammy-winning producer Dem Jointz has been called a match made in auditory Heaven with singles such as Look Up, McLovin’, Moments and soon Hey Mama.

Undecided Future embodies the DIY mentality of the times, serving as writers, performers, producers and more, creating a deeply authentic experience. Don’t let their name fool you, this group is fully “Decided” on their future.

Matt Isaac – Lead Vocals
Cole Fredrick – Guitar/Vocals
Nick Stone – Keyboard/Vocals
Matisse Pasillas – Drums/Vocals

WHAT’S UP: We’re streaming hard on Apple Music and Spotify! Thanks to everyone for listening to our new and old music. We appreciate your streams. We dropped Look Up, McLovin, Moments and Hey Mama so far this year. We’ll be releasing “Condensation” end of July/Aug and a song per month after that. We’re not signed to a record label, but all of our recent music has been produced by Grammy award winning Dem Jointz, so blessed to be working with him. More to come! Stay tuned!

ON SONGWRITING & RECORDING: Our songs can come from a lot of different ideas, it’s never a consistent routine. Either one of us will have a dope beat that we all write to, or we’ll come up with a tasty jam in the garage and put it on wax. Our last project “JUGO” was a mix of all that, also Dem Jointz brought us beats for a few of the songs and wrote lyrics for it, and vise-versa. We all hear things that we want to make better, so as long as we have time in the studio, we will work until we get it done and everyone is happy. We rarely leave anything unfinished or in a way that someone doesn’t like their part.

FAVORITE MUSICAL ERA: We listen to a lot of different music on a daily basis: Anderson Paak, Jamirouque, Stevie Wonder, Common Childish Gambino, Robin Thicke, Timberlake, there are just so many more. We draw inspiration from old school funk, R&B/Soul and Pop songs, so it’s hard to name a few.

FAN APPEAL: Our fans know we like to keep it real. They see us creating our entire brand from scratch, it’s inspiring to them. They say they have enjoyed watching us grow, and that they want to see us as an opening act someday. They come out to our shows knowing that they are going to smile, laugh, dance and sing. The show is a synergy between us on stage and off.

FUTURE HOPES AND DREAMS: We are all committed to get this band and to reach the world with our lyrics and melodies. We met and started our band in high school over 8 years ago. We’re friends, brothers, and business partners to each other. We’ve spent a lot of nights on each other’s couches and floors over time. We have a long way to go, but we have some of the best in the industry behind us. We feel it’s just a matter of time before we explode onto the music scene in a big way.

ADVICE TO ASPIRING MUSICIANS: We think evolving as an artist is what it’s all about. Never get stale and never stand still. Keep doing what you’re doing and love every minute of it. Otherwise it’s not worth doing it.